The Horst Vegas Magic Chalk Talk (7): Tricks in Magazines

Horst Vegas, self-proclaimed Senior Boy Wonder of Magic and an unfailing Lota Bowl of Wizzdom, shares another of his tinny-tiny Golden Showbiz Rules & Recommendations:

Most trick descriptions in magic magazines make three kinds of people happy: the authors, for seeing their name in print; the editors, for having filled at least two dreaded pages without much ado; and most readers, for thinking „I could have come up with something better (if only I would)!”

Gut gesagt / Words of Wisdom (12): Topas

Zauberhändler haben immer auch etwas von käuflicher Liebe: Die Ware ist wunderbar, aber die Motivation des Verkäufers ist klar.”

Magic dealers always carry an air of negotiable affection: The displayed goods are wonderful, but the seller’s intention is obvious.”

zitiert aus / quoted from Aladin 04/2016, S. 59.