Magic Business Card Business

Many budding magicians seem to occupy themselves more with paraphernalia like clumsy stage names and fancy business cards than with their basic magic training. However, they are doing a great educational service to the community. Check out these infamous examples from our collection and try to do better next time!

Joe Average

The MATHEMAGICIAN you can always COUNT on!

95.7% calculated fun.

AVA the Avalanche Magician

Taking your sense of wonder uphill – Crushing your trust in reality downhill.

Performing throughout the season in selected resorts across the Alps.

Les S. Grant

Your Ambitious & Ambidextrous Amateur Magician

“Always leaves ’em wanting more!”


Master Mindreader

If you knew what I know you wouldn’t need my phone number here:



Artistic Food Magic – Regurgitation – Knife-Throwing

The Life of Your Kid’s Birthday Party – At Home or at the Burger Joint