New Directions (3): Books, Tricks & More

After finishing his current tour, Hans Klok is rumored to put the final touches on his opus magnum, An Encyclopedia of Hair Blowers in Magic, which will surely take the world of illusionists by storm.


Speaking of illusions, a new company called Big Butts Media is said to open shop soon in Broader, Colorado, specialising in boxes and other equipment for fat posteriorally challenged assistants.


Paul Harris will allegedly introduce a new line of high-priced charming little ideas with plastic props on Halloween. It is said to be called “Paul Harris Poops.”


A Self-Vanishing Lady

FeuerNo kidding: Our new African cleaning woman (cineasts: note Carl Reiner/Steve Martin allusion here) disappeared quicker than Hans Klok after discovering my magic book shelf. Both funny and sad.

Afterthought: I’m really glad I didn’t show her that Voodoo card trick or the Okito doll. She might have hit me with the mop. And you don’t want to face an angry mop – not even at your own home!