The Magic of Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons Project is an early favorite of mine in the prog rock department. I have always enjoyed their innovative style and the high-class productions, particularly with their instrumental and symphonic pieces. It didn’t get much better in those days under my Sennheiser stereo headphones!

Now, Alan Parsons has released a new album, The Secret. The cover is appropriately magical in design, though slightly cheesy, and it should appeal to many majishuns. Some songs bear titles like ‘”The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “The Miracle” or “Soiree Fantastique”, and the texts are loaded with terms like “sleight of hand” and “misdirection”.


Some articles and interviews indicate that Alan Parsons is sort of a magic aficionado. Given this album, this would make perfect sense. Enjoy this sound magician’s latest work!