How to do the Jiffy Coin Trick right

The time-honored Jiffy Coin Trick is a little masterpiece when presented correctly. Like with all OTIL plots ( that’s “object to impossible location”) it is mandatory to keep the object (seemingly) in clear sight as long as possible. If possible, even until the box (or whatever else houses the reappearing object) is on the table.

The following video by enjoythemagic accomplishes this very well by using a clever ruse with the coin being signed on both sides, one by a spectator, the other by the majishun. I think it is also funny to watch the performer Diddy King (seemingly) get more and more excited as the revelation progresses, whereas the spectator seems to be a stoic or a rather accountant-type of person…

Sorry, but I could not find the video on YouBurp, so it’s a bit of a hassle: Go to Instagram, find the account of enjoythemagic from Chile and scroll down to March 12 to watch the performance by Diddy.


P.S. I also like the slogan on his shirt: KEEP CALM AND ENJOY THE MAGIC !

Instagram Screenshot