The Sword King Has Appeared in Vanish


If that title seems to make little sense, don’t worry. I’ll explain.

Happy to report that my card trick “The Sword King” has just appeared in VANISH. It’s a visual and quirky little thing in 3D: A selected card is returned to the deck and then found by the King of Spades, “the ruling Sword King of the world.” He even cuts out the pips and impales them on his sword (and you can take them off)! Of course they are missing from the chosen card then. You may hand out both cards as souvenirs to your spectators.

Paul Romhany‘s free magic magazine claims an amazing 100,000+ downloads per issue, so let’s see how this might boost my little blog here…

In case you are interested, please check out the latest VANISH #69 or previous issues for free here.



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