New Magic Postage Stamps

Collectors, rejoice!

In late 2017, the U.S. Postal Service Office has announced a wonderful series of five stamps celebrating “The Art of Magic”, see below. I quote:

The Art of Magic
The Postal Service celebrates the art of magic with this pane of 20 stamps featuring digital illustrations of five classic tricks magicians use to amaze and delight audiences: a rabbit in a hat (production), a fortune teller using a crystal ball (prediction), a woman floating in the air (levitation), an empty bird cage (vanishing), and a bird emerging from a flower (transformation).

I have yet to see the trick of a flower transforming into a bird in real life, but hey! I like the design of this series and will gladly add it to my collection. However, no exact publication date has been given yet.

The latest addition to my magic stamps collection came from France, where a series of circus images was issued last year, one of them featuring the proverbial rabbit in a top hat.

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