The Magic Art of Orimoto

As I’ve learned from Roberto Giobbi‘s recent newsletter (always an excellent and inspiring read, by the way), his wife Barbara is involved in Orimoto or Book Origami, a handcraft for creating artful objects by folding book pages. As Roberto explains, it is quite a laborious work, as each page is cut and folded in a particular way so that a message or design will be visible relief-style. Look at these wonderful samples (reproduced by permission here):

I think these are not only beautiful, magical objects to grace your bookshelf or collection; I could also see them play well in a parlor show within a story trick or as a very special revelation of a chosen word or playing card.

Actually, these pieces of art are for sale. Depending on complexity, they cost between $ 80 and 160 plus shipping. You can even ask for your personal design. For details, contact Roberto directly at




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