Interactive Magic

Speaking of artist Jim Avignon the other day, he also does a lovely interactive trick in his live performance (as seen in Frankfurt recently). While playing his music, he interacts several times with his own comic-style background video (hitting objects, watering graves, etc.). Then he gets a spectator on stage for a winning game and asks him several times to guess under which of three hats in the video a giant, golden coin is hiding. As the video progresses and the hands move the hats quickly, the spectator chooses the wrong hat three times in a row. Too bad!

Just bad luck or magic digital cheating? You decide!




Playing with Cards

Saw this simple yet interesting rendition of playing card pips on an unassuming box in painter and performer Jim Avignon‘s current exhibition, “A Bigger Brother”, at Museum für Kommunikation (Communications Museum) in Frankfurt. Now I’m trying to come up with a magical use for these.

Meanwhile, go see the exhibition before it closes soon, if you have a chance to! It’s a both critical and funny examination of data, surveillance, control, and privacy in today’s world.