What Makes a Great Magician and Creates Greater Magic?

The Mysteries of Life as presented at the Louvre, Paris – (C) 2015 by ZZZauber

Almost four years ago, I published the following piece as my 50th blog post here. Since it was one of my more meaningful ones, I’ll repost it today for my growing number of readers. So if you are a latecomer to the party, don’t worry. I’ll rehash some good stuff from time to time before it decomposes at the gloomy bottom of the scrolling sea!

O.K., so what does it take to become a really good, well above average, if not great magician? (How would I know? I’m certainly not among them. But I have thought about this a lot.) Here’s my take on the BIG QUESTION in a mere 25 lines:

  • Buying more tricks doesn’t
  • Watching more videos doesn’t
  • Reading more books and magazines doesn’t
  • Talking more magic with other magicians doesn’t
  • Writing more posts and comments on magic forums or blogs doesn’t
  • Printing more fancy magic business cards doesn’t
  • Practicing the same moves over and over doesn’t
  • Performing the same three tricks over and over doesn’t
  • Fancying yourself a great magician sometime in the future doesn‘t.


  • reading, studying and knowing what has been said and done – and why – by the best magicians before you
  • understanding it and applying it diligently and creatively to your own magic concept, persona, tricks, and act
  • practicing and rehearsing every nuance meticulously, thoughtfully and tirelessly
  • watching and studying every professional you can, embracing their advice and any other well-intended criticism and showing a persistent willingness to learn, improve, and refine
  • seeing the world with open eyes and growing your knowledge on all matters related to life in general and magic in particular, like drama, acting, language, psychology, fine arts, history and politics, science and technology
  • performing well-prepared and well-mannered in a mysterious, meaningful, personal, fresh and entertaining way
  • striving for the best show and greatest performance you can deliver and for uncovering the beauty and art hiding in magic every day of your life –

that does the greatest trick of all.

It is a lifelong journey full of discoveries and wonders. Enjoy the ride, and may it never end. I wish you the best of luck.

You are welcome.