Quiz: Show Me Your Hands!

I have to confess a lot of things, related to magic and otherwise. But when it comes to card magic, I am prepared to admit that to me…

1) illustrations are much clearer and thus much more helpful in understanding and learning a move than photographs and

2) it’s fun to compare the personal style and techniques of magic’s great illustrators.

By the way, a fine book which celebrates the art and artists in and around magic is Chuck Romano‘s The Art of Deception from 1997. This tome inspired me to go-a-hunting for a dozen exemplified card illustrations and challenge you to find out from which well-known books and authors on card magic they originated.

So here is the first one from the not too distant past. Take a guess or rush to the better part of your magic book shelf.

Drawn by...?
Drawn by…?

(To be continued)


Here’s a Quiz for the Magic Buffs

Kellar Wonder BookThis one’s not for the sissies out there. Not for the beginners and not for the googelists. It takes balls of sponge and nerves of stiff rope to get through this challenge. Are you a man or a wimp? Magician or mentalist? Playful silk waver or bold razor blade swallower?

Ready? Here we go:

Which magician…

  1. …was responsible for giving Buster Keaton that nickname, “Buster”?
  2. …sort of “discovered” the peaceful fishermen’s bay of Benidorm in Spain and “helped” turn it into a touristy hot spot?
  3. …once quipped that all of Harry Lorayne‘s books were actually forcing books for the words “I”, “me”, and “mine”?

Hint no. 1: We are talking three different magicians here, all of them famous.
Hint no. 2: Harry Kellar was none of them; his picture above (a reprint of an old program) just happened to be around.

Addendum: No, you can’t win anything here, thanks for asking. This is not a freakin’ call-in TV show, you know! Get over it and rejoice if you scored two or three strikes. If you didn’t score at all, you may want to consider reading some more magic books and old magazines instead of endlessly watching youburp tutorials and pirated one-trick DVDs.