New Directions (4): Some Weird Magic Books and Movies and Songs


Some books probably only magicians would like to read:

  1. Woofle Dust Memories by Woody Allen
  2. Harry’s Potter Index by Jon Racherbaumer
  3. Gone With the Wind: A Loose Encyclopedia of Outdoor Silk Magic by Asi Wind

Some movies surely only majishuns would go see at their local theater:

  1. B’Waveheart starring Mel Gibson and Max Maven
  2. Card Rebel Without a Case with James Dean and Dean Dill (and without Justin Case)
  3. Card Wars featuring Darth Sadowitz and Richard Skywalker

Some pop songs probably only magicians would enjoy:

  1. “Anniversary Waltzing Matilda” (Tom Waits)
  2. “Sultans of Swing Cuts” (Dire Straits)
  3. “Shine On You Crazy Ace of Diamond” (Pink Floyd)
  4. “Alive and Shuffling” (Simple Minds)
  5. “You’ve Lost That Pinkie Feelin'” (The Righteous Brothers)
  6. “I Still Haven’t Found (The Card I Was Looking For)” (U2)
  7. “All You Zombies Hide Your Traces” (The Hooters)

Klavier Strand


New Directions: The Books & DVD Department

Geniial and untiring columnist Jon Drachenbaumer briefly suffered from acute bookitis and had had an appendix removed. He’s doing better now, as he writes and wrings in his latest ebook tome of 16 pages, Onward Journées.


As the electronic mentalism craze is dwindling, rumour has it that master mentalists Luke Warm and Richard Osterhas are joining forces on the next big thing: a groundbreaking 5 DVD set, Feather Flowers and Balloon Animals in Mentalism.


We are also eagerly awaiting the colorful autobiography of New York City’s own Meshug A. Klutz, Fun, Games, and Schnitzels: 30 Years of Cutting Edge at My Mitzvah Magic Bar.