Jolting Erdnase (2)

Karr Expert

Huh, now it’s getting really exciting!

Within a few days, another major work on Erdnase has been announced, this time by Todd Karr. He claims nothing less than a “massive new biography of the actual author” including “rare photos of the author performing moves from the book” plus “the author’s own annotations to The Expert at the Card Table,” and “all evidence carefully documented; no speculation.”

Quite a promise! Let’s see if Karr delivers and if his two-volume book will actually be “coming summer 2020”!

Richard Kaufman has just called Karr’s candidate “beyond preposterous,” though. And Denis Behr writes, “I’m fascinated, but skeptical.”


I’ll sit back and enjoy the upcoming skirmishes and revelations, but I certainly won’t break any of my Golden Rules of Magic:

(1) The secret is not the secret.

(2) Be prepared.

(3) Be natural.

(4) You cannot buy miracles.

(5) Never preorder.


Nonetheless, it’s probably time to lay our bets on the table now and to take sides before these two exciting books will be out!

As far as I’m concerned, I’d love to learn one day that Dr. JameS W. E lliott, known both as “Champion Card Manipulator of the World” amongst magicians and “The Boston Kid” amongst card sharps, was in fact ErDmaSe…uumm…Erdnase! Not the most improbable candidate I have seen… Maybe research should shift more towards him?



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