Mirror Magic

I’m a sucker for optical illusions and visual fodder. Recently, I came across the intriguing objects created by Prof. Kokichi Sugihara of Japan. He seems to be a leading expert, specializing on impossible 3-D objects. Miraculously, their reflections in a mirror create quite a different image.

1 Pfeil Sugihara (2)

As you can see, the mirror image of the arrow points in the opposite direction. In addition, once you turn the arrow 180 degrees on its pole, the tip of the arrow seems to jump back right into its original direction of pointing. Absolutely stunning!

1 Kartensymbole Sugahira (2)

This second illusion even lends itself to a little card trick. Show the object with the four card symbols as a “secret prediction.” Then force the Four of Hearts on your spectator and offer “a backstage view” on the illusion. In the mirror, your helper will discover the correct prediction of his chosen card!

Unpaid and unsolicited advertising: I bought these objects at Magic Center Harri, one of Germany’s big, respected, and trustworthy magic dealers. These are simple plastic props, others are made of cardboard. Prices are low, starting around 10 Dollars, and one of them may be a perfect addition to your online magic show!


Neue Zaubermarken aus Deutschland

Sammler magischer Briefmarkenmotive können sich über zwei Neuzugänge in der Rubrik “Optische Illusionen” freuen: Die Deutsche Post hat vor wenigen Wochen unter dem Titel “Optische Täuschung” die beiden Motive “Gebogene Linien?” (60 Cent) und “Perspektivwechsel” (80 Cent) herausgegeben:

Optische Täuschung Deutschland 2019 Marke 60c_snipOptische Täuschung Deutschland 2019 Marke 80c_snip

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