Magic vs. Cheating: Why Corona Isn’t Good for Me…


Locked down at home, on cold magic turkey, strange thoughts keep running through my head.

Yesterday, I found myself imagining how I’d cheat my own family (yuk!) at Scrabble by switching in my change-bag and keeping the word YAK in the secret compartment for 45 extra points on triple word bonus…

But then I fancied my wife would find out at once and accuse me because I had used my time-honored bag with that obnoxious handle…




One thought on “Magic vs. Cheating: Why Corona Isn’t Good for Me…

  1. What a teufelchen! (^_^)

    My personal fame as a card magician in my family environment has caused me some problems with card games…
    Everytime I used to win at poker they used to say that I “did” something, specially if it was a really good hand… “Fortunatelly” I usually did not win at poker, so my people could trust me when I did.
    The thing is that I couldn’t win much in a row without suspicion : – /

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