Words and Thoughts on Wonder

Speaking of interviews, science magician and professional speaker Dr. Matt Pritchard from the UK runs a fine, scholarly website which I have been pointed to only very recently. In his own words, the site’s concept is quite simple:

I interview a host of creatives, magicians and scientists about their work and how they cultivate & share wonder. They are all people who have inspired me in my own work or just made me go “Wow!”

The 70+ interviews are a treasure trove of interesting people with fascinating ideas or areas of expertise. Advice: Do not only hunt for the magicians! (But make sure to read R. Paul Wilson.)

Highly recommended!

Website Screenshot


Look at me, Roy!

Schweben im Magnetfeld

17.09.2009 David Copperfield wird sich wohl bis zur Bühnenreife der Technik noch etwas gedulden müssen – aber immerhin ist es Wissenschaftlern gelungen, eine zehn Gramm schwere junge Maus in einem Magnetfeld schweben zu lassen: