More on Potatoes

Reading my recent musings on potatoes, fellow magician and collector Dany Trick sent me these two funny anecdotes and kindly allowed me to share them with you. Enjoy!

Spotted your article about potatoes.
Have got two anecdotes about magic and potatoes!

1) Once a young amateur magician (he was nearly 35 years old!!!) insisted on visiting me. He came and absolutely insisted on showing me a few tricks he had been rehearsing. He showed me a “castelet”, but as he had not gotten any doves he produced three big huge potatoes that dropped down when the balloon burst out…

2) When we attended the FISM convention in The Hague in 1988 (?), John Kimmons and I shared the same hotel room. Ken and Sue de Courcy, John and I were working hard all day long behind the Supreme Magic stand. One evening John, who had tasted several glasses of Scotch Whisky, suggested to create a new Magic Society. It was baptised THE MAGIC POTATO CLUB! (I still wonder why.) John was elected President and I was the Secretary…


Thank you for sharing these, Dany!

Isn’t magic wonderful? And aren’t we just an obnoxious, but loveable bunch?

Please stop by at his fine site (it’s mostly in French) and check out some of his articles and pieces from his huge collection!

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