About My Early Works…

Thankfully, I have been asked whether I had published magic books or lecture notes in the past.

Thankfully, again, the answer is both yes and no. I spent many of my formative years in magic mulling over a trilogy of pamphlets which were intended to be nothing short of revolutionary and would have turned out, in fact, as “woefully sophomoric,” as Max Maven probably would have called them. If memory serves, the titles were somewhat foreshadowing both:

  • Packs Big, Plays Small: A Radical Approach to Kid Show Magic
  • Remembering the Great Pasteboard Massacre of 1911
  • Magic Without Meaning: In Defense of Today’s Dilettantes
  • Addendum: Marlo Without Feathers. Notes on the Chicago Leftover Movement

I dropped the project before the entire harvest was in.

Thankfully, for the third time, none of these manuscripts are available anymore, being lost in time, translation, or digital space.

As Paul Harris, one of my biggest idols, stated so fittingly in his tome The Art of Astonishment:

How I ever had the nerve to publish some of that stuff is a source of constant inspiration to me.