Not about Christmas

No, you do not have to double-check your watch or your calendar! It ain’t Christmas yet. But recently I went to a place that felt like a mixture of Christmas and Heaven to me: to Germany’s biggest second hand dealer of magic items, sic!, in this country’s secret magic epicenter, Nottuln-Appelhülsen. (Have fun trying to pronounce this if you’re not German!)

Here are just a few snapshots from their marvellous store (or storage, rather). Enjoy!

By now you may have guessed it: Those are not Christmas tree balls, but a whole box of Zombie balls! And “Nachwachsende Blumen” are, oh wonder!, “grow-again flowers”! Isn’t it magical?



Creativity in Magic (1)

I have always found it amazing how new tricks, ideas, or routines come into this world. Sheer luck and mere chance seem to play a far greater role in their conception and delivery than any logical thinker could ever imagine.

Take the following example about Joe Karson’s creation of the famous “Zombie”, a wonderful story (if true) which I have just come across in Frank Garcia‘s “New York News” in an old issue of Magic Manuscript (Vol. 4, Issue 4, p. 45):

Incredible as it may seem, the trick called “Zombie” was invented by the late Joe Karson quite by accident. He bought a house and everything was fine but the toilet commode didn’t function, so Joe started taking the commode apart. He removed the balance ball attached to the rod and dried it with a towel. He then came upon the idea of making it a floating ball. The rest is magical history!

I will be happy to share more examples in the future. Stay fresh and stay tuned!