Geomarketing for Magicians

Clever magi claim their home turf: “The NYC magician.” – “Your Bay Area magician.” – “THE Magician in Chicago.” (You get the idea.)

That’s spot on, and also great for Google search and geomarketing.

However, I have yet to see this ploy being adopted in Colon, Michigan; in Corpus Christi, Texas; in Greasy, Oklahoma; in Condemned Bar, California; or in Loveladies, New Jersey.


Fooling Houdini etc.

Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini

Marketing question: If I ever happen to fool Joshua Jay, who fooled Simon Aronson, who fooled Dai Vernon, who fooled Harry Houdini – how can I use that in marketing?

Answer: I guess I would market myself as “The man who fooled J. Jay who fooled Aronson who fooled Vernon who fooled Houdini.” Would take a pretty long business card, though.

Addendum: I’ve been mulling over a shorter version: Were I not just another man then who incidentally fooled, umm, Houdini? Please advise.

Another Addendum added: If I ever manage to meet Daryl and fool him with a trick or two, I will start advertising myself as “the magicians’ magician’s magician”!