Magic’s Biggest Wonder Needs Protection


You may disagree, but to me this famous NASA shot is the most amazing, most precious and most premonitory photo taken so far in the history of mankind.

It’s pure and natural, unambiguous and meaningful magic, appealing to everybody!

Yes, photos with happy or sad, new-born oder dying people do affect us more deeply;
but when you look closely enough, each and every one of us–from those who came before us to those who will hopefully follow–is represented in this snapshot, too. It is a silent testimony of what man is able to do, in every respect.

Please help preserve “The Biggest and Most Amazing Wonder Show of the Universe” for hundreds of generations to come. Don’t let it fold. An “Abracadabra!” will have no effect. No other outs. Hiring helpers now!



Well said, Mr. Lamont!

Magic is not about fooling the audience. Magic depends on successful deception, but that is the means, not the end. Of course, the audience should not know how it is done, but this is a basic requirement, not the goal. The goal is not to provoke the experience of not knowing how it is done. The goal is not the experience of ignorance; it is the experience of magic. The audience are not the enemy; they are the people for whom we provide this experience. The goal of the magician is to create the effect that something happens that cannot happen. This is a paradox. It is a source of wonder. This is a profound and worthy goal.

Peter Lamont on “What is magic?”


Words of Wisdom (7): Doug Henning

The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy.
Doug Henning (1947-2000)

Addendum: For a fine biography of Henning, you may want to consider getting Spellbound: The Wonder-filled Life of Doug Henning (2009) by John Harrison at Amazon or elsewhere.

Addendum II: For more on this fine performer, see The Doug Henning Project website.