Denis Behr und Pit Hartling auf den Ohren


In der Interview-Reihe im Blog von Joshua Jays und Andy Gladwins Firma Vanishing Inc. waren kürzlich auch – allerdings getrennt voneinander – Pit Hartling und Denis Behr zu Gast. Die beiden Podcasts gibt es hier und hier zu hören.

Demnächst an dieser Stelle mehr zum trendigen Thema Zauber-Podcasts!



Paging Mr. Ballinger!

Anyone knows what has become of Chris Ballinger, longtime Magic Geek, trick creator and self-deprecating demonstrator extraordinaire (oh, and of sister Rachel, the world’s best professional spectator)?

His kids and his other sister, Colleen (a.k.a. Miranda Sings), seem to have overtaken him in social media visibility and fame. That’s o.k., but they are not doing magic!

I dimly recall older statements which hinted at a possible collaboration with Joshua Jay‘s and Andi Gladwin‘s Vanishing Inc. Magic, but apparently that hasn’t come to fruition yet. Or has it? Any news?

Fun and geeky magic is losing fast to mindless, talentless and useless mess on YouBurp. Magic needs you back, Chris!