Stereotypes in Magic Catalogs (2)

Here are some more Chinese depictions I have found in older European catalogs like Zauberkatalog Bartl (around 1920), Joe Wildon’s Zauberkatalog (1959), Tricks für Sie (Joe Wildon, 1963), Mephisto-Huis Catalogus Nr. 7 (1960s/70s?), Modern Magic Hauptkatalog (Zauberzentrum Janos Bartl, 1979), Zauberkatalog viennamagic (1993), and The Demon Catalogue (Davenports Magic, 2006):

Please keep in mind that these illustrations were most likely never intended to offend anyone on purpose. They merely reflect perceptions, expectations and stereotypes of the mystic and exotic, sly and enigmatic Chinese wonder workers prevalent at a certain time and place in Western societies. We may judge differently today.

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