A Magic List of Appreciation


There are many unsung heroes in magic. Most of them were creators or performers, sometimes authors, lost in time. Others are right here before our eyes, on the internet, providing great and mostly free services to the magic community, connecting us, informing us, sharing their ideas and research, and making us smarter. Used and simply taken for granted by so many, but sadly not appreciated or lauded enough. With this list, I’d like to change that, at least a little bit.

So here are some of my Magic Heroes of the Internet, or World Wide Wizards, in no particular order:

  • Meir Yedid, for sort of starting and serving the magic news biz thing on the internet back in late 1997 with his Magic Times
  • Alan Watson, for tirelessly sending out his Magic New Zealand Newsletter into the world since 1999
  • Steve Bryant, for constantly delivering his fine Little Egypt Magic
  • Jeff Stone for leaving no magic stone unturned in his long-running blog (until December 2014), Stone Cold Magic
  • Wayne Kawamoto for hundreds of insightful reviews, tricks and tips on various platforms like about.com and The Spruce Crafts until a few years ago
  • Duncan Trillo, for 1,000+ editions of MagicWeek with news from the UK
  • Scott Wells, for until this very day 547 magic podcast talks at The Magic Word
  • Jamy Ian Swiss, for his both eloquent and deeply insightful Lyon’s Den and Take Two columns over at Magicana
  • Paul Romhany for establishing, running and sharing VANISH Magic Magazine for free
  • John Cox for being so Wild About Harry Houdini
  • Dale Carnegie for his always revealing The Magic Detective blog
  • Andy Whoknowshislastname for establishing and feeding The Jerx, a wildly innovative, fresh and at times pubertal and off-color treasure trove
  • Chris Wasshuber for founding Lybrary.com and for 900+ weekly newsletters so far with the most personal stories and insights
  • Roland Henning for establishing and running the hard-hitting, but fair and indispensable Weekly Magic Failure blog (until 2017)
  • Alexander de Cova for sharing countless professional tips, moves and secrets over the years in his ever-changing blog, Solid Magic, which is much more than solid.
  • Denis Behr for building, feeding and providing both the Conjuring Archive and the Conjuring Credits!

Gentlemen, a big bow of appreciation, a heartfelt nod of admiration and a huge THANK YOU, thundering applause and standing ovation to all of you for your tireless efforts, dedication, talent, and generosity!



2 thoughts on “A Magic List of Appreciation

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  2. Brilliant and beautiful acknowledgement appreciation for so many great magician thinkers and hard workers!
    Thank you very much for sharing this intetesting and very well done list, Jan!

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