Magic Books versus Conjuring Books…


On The Davenport Collection website which I mentioned and recommended a few days ago, I came across this funny bit in a fine article on “Booksellers, collectors, and rogues” by David Price (the British one) about the fine line between magic books and conjuring books, at least back in the Fifties:


Love it!

I wonder whether similar “magic” code words exist(ed) in other languages as well?



The Horst Vegas Magic Chalk Talk (7): Tricks in Magazines

Horst Vegas, self-proclaimed Senior Boy Wonder of Magic and an unfailing Lota Bowl of Wizzdom, shares another of his tinny-tiny Golden Showbiz Rules & Recommendations:

Most trick descriptions in magic magazines make three kinds of people happy: the authors, for seeing their name in print; the editors, for having filled at least two dreaded pages without much ado; and most readers, for thinking „I could have come up with something better (if only I would)!”

Fun Friday: Recognition for the Bierglas Effect

According to the latest buzz from overseas, card wizard and beer connoisseur Denis Behr has just been inducted into the Magic Beer Hall of Fame in Shaumkron, Illinois!

The press photo(shopped) below shows the inductee silently admiring snapshots from his own masterpiece, the world-famous Bierglas Effect (sadly often misspelled as “Berglas”), while soothing Herbert, the slightly envious rubber-band, inside his left pocket.

Congratulations, Denis, und Prost!

Denis Behr Instagram Pictures (selected, hijacked and recomposed by Zig Zagger)


Jerry’s Chicken Sh*t Nuggets

Kickstarter project website screenshot

A very special Kickstarter project has just closed: It pledged to revitalize the already hopelessly overhyped Jerry’s Nugget Casino Playing Cards big style.

According to the project page, this one is run by the Expert Playing Card Company/Bill Kalush. The project also offers a long “special thanks to” list, featuring, among others, Lee Asher, Danny Garcia, the Buck Twins, David Blaine, Garrett Thomas, Harapan Ong, Michael Weber, and the Chief Genii, Richard Kaufman. Wondering what nuggets all theses gentlemen contributed?

And boy, this thing flew: When the hammer fell, this project had collected more than 477,000 Dollars from almost 4,100 supporters and had generated 1,200+ commentaries! Which comes to show again that us majishuns are a nostalgic, money-blowing herd of unimaginative copy cats, aren’t we? (Yet a lovable bunch!)

I’m afraid magic videos and magazine photos will soon be littered with this cheap, inelegant, eye-cancer causing design. Yuk! (Just my opinion. I better hide now before Jerry’s Nuggeteers spread all over me to cut me and palm me off!)

If you are slightly annoyed about this, too, you might want to try the Chicken Nugget Playing Cards instead (see below). Go find them on ebay if you think these are even more irresistable. I could see a great but meaningless mental card food trick coming up with these…

ebay Screenshot



Tricks That Need To Be Invented

“…and when I now pull the string in my left inside pocket, ladies and gentlemen, my ears will pop right back to their regular place!”

A Goodliffe photograph snipped for a cheap laugh from a Donald Bevan manuscript on Goodliffe and Abracadabra magazine, which you may read here on the fine Davenport Collection website.


Rarely Seen Tricks (1): Leg Illusion


I must admit that I had never seen this illusion before. I found these pictures and a desciption in a manuscript by past editor Donald Bevan on Goodliffe, founder of Abracadabra magazine.

According to Bevan, “Leg Illusion” was the only notable magic invention by Goodliffe, as you can read here.


Die Geschichte der Mondlandung – mit Spielkarten

WordPress Screenshot Richard Wiseman

Obwohl Briten und nicht Amerikaner, haben sich Richard Wiseman und Will Houstoun gemeinsam und geschickt des 50. Jubiläums der Mondlandung durch Apollo 11 angenommen. Mit einem schönen, analogen Kartentrick – garantiert ohne CGI! – erzählen sie die Geschichte nach. Charmant!


Das erinnert mich an einen alten Päckchentrick mit Astronauten, den ich vor Jahrzehnten mal (bei Werry?) gekauft habe. Ich glaube, da ging es um den Wettlauf der Russen und Amerikaner zum Mond…