The Lorayne Force


The late great Jay Marshall once quipped that all of Harry Lorayne’s works were in fact forcing books for the words I, me, and my.

As a test, I counted these words within the Foreword of Harry’s booklet, My Favorite Card Tricks. Now guess how many I have detected within that single page?

A:      9

B:     18

C:     27

D:     36


Answer: That’s right, there were actually thirty-six self-references (including a “we”) to be found.

Harry certainly is his very own force!



The Horst Vegas Magic Chalk Talk (6): Tricks

Horst Vegas, self-proclaimed Senior Boy Wonder of Magic and an unfailing Lota Bowl of Wizzdom, shares another of his tinny-tiny Golden Showbiz Rules & Recommendations:

In these times of stimulus satiation, headline news and constant eye candy, we are well advised to re-evaluate our traditional tricks-per-minute ratio and to consider quickies rather than „slowies,“ visual magic rather than verbal, and multiple effects rather than one trick ponies as the new norm, exceptions granted.

Paging Mr. Ballinger!

Anyone knows what has become of Chris Ballinger, longtime Magic Geek, trick creator and self-deprecating demonstrator extraordinaire (oh, and of sister Rachel, the world’s best professional spectator)?

His kids and his other sister, Colleen (a.k.a. Miranda Sings), seem to have overtaken him in social media visibility and fame. That’s o.k., but they are not doing magic!

I dimly recall older statements which hinted at a possible collaboration with Joshua Jay‘s and Andi Gladwin‘s Vanishing Inc. Magic, but apparently that hasn’t come to fruition yet. Or has it? Any news?

Fun and geeky magic is losing fast to mindless, talentless and useless mess on YouBurp. Magic needs you back, Chris!


New Directions (3): Books, Tricks & More

After finishing his current tour, Hans Klok is rumored to put the final touches on his opus magnum, An Encyclopedia of Hair Blowers in Magic, which will surely take the world of illusionists by storm.


Speaking of illusions, a new company called Big Butts Media is said to open shop soon in Broader, Colorado, specialising in boxes and other equipment for fat posteriorally challenged assistants.


Paul Harris will allegedly introduce a new line of high-priced charming little ideas with plastic props on Halloween. It is said to be called “Paul Harris Poops.”

Ever Noticed? (4)

Ever noticed? It’s Dan HARLAN who is bringing Dr. HARLAN Tarbell‘s Tarbell Course in Magic into the 21th century with his video tutorials over at Penguin Magic. Strange coincidence!


Ever noticed? Most of the magic somehow disappears on the way from reading the dealer’s ad to receiving the trick in the mail. Hm.


Ever noticed? It has become socially unacceptable today to perform the venerable “Bra Trick” – at least on overweight men. Pity!

A Word on Sankey on Twitter

OK, if I were more active on Twitter and if Twitter were more relevant to the world, I’d proclaim @jay_sankey week now, as some seeerious things need to be addressed about this creative and communicative guy who has almost as many tweets as followers under his belt (32K vs. 38K; having joined Twitter in July 2009, this comes down to roughly eleven tweets per day!) But to keep it short and easy for you, here’s one week worth of tweets about him in one go.


Monday: Following @jay_sankey on Twitter has allowed me to sell my watch. No more need to have one thanks to his hourly releases!


Tuesday: Apparently, @jay_sankey has embarked on his biggest career challenge so far: Can he really put out more tweets than tricks?


Wednesday: Wondering why @jay_sankey has more than 38K followers. Do they also want to find out whether he ever shuts up?


Thursday: Seems to me that @jay_sankey is celebrating his personal Halloween every day: Trick’n Tweet!


Friday: Rumour has it that thanks to @jay_sankey Twitter is considering a one tweet per person per day policy. But surely Jay could throw in some more from his warehouse for a great special deal!


Saturday: Unnoticed by the magic community, @jay_sankey has already put out his biggest project ever: The Great Randomizer For Automatically Recycled Tweets, G.R.A.N.D. F.A.R.T.


Sunday morning: Soon I will start my ultra ambitious #sankeython: I will try to perform all marketed effects by Jay Sankey in a row while on the road. Greater Magic is for pussies!


Sunday evening: My #sankeython will kick-off soon in Omnilope, Ontario. Finale expected around July 17th, 2017 in Stirring Silver, Nevada.


Love lots of your work though, Jay!

What’s in a Name? (2)


Full disclosure of last post’s list: We know or knew them as 1) Dai Vernon, 2) Roy Benson, 3) Cary Grant, 4) Sorcar, 5) Bruce Cervon, 6) Fred Kaps, 7) Salvano, 8) Rodolfo, 9) Tommy Wonder and 10) Criss Angel.


Sorry, but I also need to share some of the most ridiculous stage names ever used in magic: Cardini, Slydini, Throwdini, and almost any other -ini who came after Harry Houdini (an honorable mention though for Steve Martin as The Great Flydini!). In German, we had to bear creative outbursts such as Müllerano, Truk, and Pan Zero. Oh, and not to forget Blob the Magnificent.


Wondering why so many of magic’s greatest share so few first names? Hope my son Paul John David Michael Jay will do them justice one day!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: My next boy will probably go by the name Daryl Dani Darwin.

Spells and Misspellings: What’s in a Name?


These guys must surely be among the most misspelled magicians of all times: Hofsinzer, Leipsig, Norm Neilson, and Gary Ouelette. And now write down their correct spellings five times each!


Question: Can you think of more memorable names in magic than Faucett Ross, Pressley Guitar, and Kainoa Harbottle?


These enviable guys never needed to worry about a stage name: Dean Montalbano, Armando Lucero, and our much missed Aldo Colombini (even though he called himself Fabian for some time).


These guys, on the other hand, were well advised in creating catchy stage names: 1) David Frederick Wingfield Verner, 2) Edward Emerson Ford McQuaid, 3) Archibald Alexander Leach, 4) Protul Chandra Sarcar, 5) Andrew Bruce Cernava, 6) Abraham Pieter Adrianus Bongers, 7) Tomasz Chelminski, 8) Rezső Gács, 9) Josef Jacobus Maria Bemelman, 10) Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos.

Who they are? Full disclosure tomorrow!