Magic vs. Cheating: Why Corona Isn’t Good for Me…


Locked down at home, on cold magic turkey, strange thoughts keep running through my head.

Yesterday, I found myself imagining how I’d cheat my own family (yuk!) at Scrabble by switching in my change-bag and keeping the word YAK in the secret compartment for 45 extra points on triple word bonus…

But then I fancied my wife would find out at once and accuse me because I had used my time-honored bag with that obnoxious handle…




Inadvertent Comedy Magic

Let’s face it: Most “magic comedy acts” are anything but funny. If you are really lucky, the gags are only a tad worse than the tricks.

On the other hand, there are a lot of magic performances out there which are much funnier than the artists intended.

I’m not sure about the following one, but when I first came across it I laughed so hard I almost spilled my coffee into the computer keyboard. Sadly, this balloony “world record” is the funniest thing in magic that I have seen in a very long time. (Yeah, pity me and pity the overall state of magic.)

However, later on this performance inspired me to create a pretty cool novel magic trick for kids with that well-known c****e bag.

So please take a look at The Uncanny Magic Liverwurst Man (that’s my label for him; he bills himself as Gold Member and holds several questionable world records, some of them related to magic).