Promoting Magic for Social Good: The New “Good Magic Award”


As the multi-talented magician, researcher and all-around quirky guy Richard Wiseman has posted today in his blog,

I have teamed up with The Good Thinking Society to create a new award designed to promote magic for social good.

Some magicians work with disadvantaged groups, charities, hospital patients, schools, community groups, and those facing physical and psychological challenges. This work can bring lots of benefits, such as building confidence and self-esteem, inspiring happiness and optimism, supporting physical rehabilitation and co-ordination, and tackling loneliness and social exclusion. Within an educational context it can foster a greater understanding of science or mathematics, help develop critical thinking and creativity, and deliver positive messages.

The Good Magic Awards recognizes, rewards and encourages this work. Those who wish to use magic for social good are invited to apply for an award to support work in this area. Nominations will close at 5pm (GMT) on 30th April 2020, so if you think you would like to start working in this area, or need some support for an ongoing project, please head over to the site and take a look.

Further details here.

There will be two winners. Each will receive £1,000 to help fund their activities. Applicants need to be current residents of the UK, but I thought I’d post it anyway to a) help spread the good cause and b) present this as a path other people in other countries might consider following, too!

Update: The winners have been announced here.



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