Spells and Misspellings: What’s in a Name?


These guys must surely be among the most misspelled magicians of all times: Hofsinzer, Leipsig, Norm Neilson, and Gary Ouelette. And now write down their correct spellings five times each!


Question: Can you think of more memorable names in magic than Faucett Ross, Pressley Guitar, and Kainoa Harbottle?


These enviable guys never needed to worry about a stage name: Dean Montalbano, Armando Lucero, and our much missed Aldo Colombini (even though he called himself Fabian for some time).


These guys, on the other hand, were well advised in creating catchy stage names: 1) David Frederick Wingfield Verner, 2) Edward Emerson Ford McQuaid, 3) Archibald Alexander Leach, 4) Protul Chandra Sarcar, 5) Andrew Bruce Cernava, 6) Abraham Pieter Adrianus Bongers, 7) Tomasz Chelminski, 8) Rezső Gács, 9) Josef Jacobus Maria Bemelman, 10) Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos.

Who they are? Full disclosure tomorrow!