After Burners

Alexander de Covas in den letzten Jahren veröffentlichte sechsbändige Buchreihe BURNERS war großartig, teuer (95 Euro pro Band) und schnell vergriffen. Nun sind alle Bände in elektronischer Form bei erhältlich. Jeder einzelne Titel kostet 60 Dollar, alle sechs im Paket 300 Dollar (derzeit ca. 274 Euro).

Auch de Covas neues Magazin “SOLIDMAGIC”, von dem bislang sieben Ausgaben erschienen sind, kann hier nun bezogen werden. Jede Ausgabe kostet 11 Dollar.

Sein angekündigtes englischsprachiges Werk NOTAS ist noch in Vorbereitung und soll in absehbarer Zeit ebenfalls bei Lybrary erscheinen.




Tricks & Ideas (5): Clear Magic

With many laymen assuming that the bigger part of magic’s secrets lies within suspicious boxes, hidden mechanism, black art and special lighting, I feel it is an interesting concept to present certain magic effects as „clearly“ as possible (pun intended). Think of objects appearing or disappearing in crystal-clear boxes, coins through glass table or „Clearly Impossible“, Jonathan Pendragon’s spectacular sawing of a lady, etc.

On his fine blog (in English and German; login required), Alexander de Cova has recently announced his version of a clear cups & balls routine which he will premier in his lecture tour through Germany and Austria this fall. I am really looking forward to his clever thinking on this. Other clear routines with the cups & balls that come to mind are the ones by Penn & Teller, Jason Latimer and Armando Lucero.

By the way, Alexander recommends using clear tumblers made of polycarbonate now instead of real drinking glasses. These are light-weight, almost unbreakable, easy to carry and easy to drill. (The sound may be a bit flat, though.)

Now clear your mind – what can you come up with?

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