Some Jedi Magic for Star Wars Day Today!

Screenshot from japanmagic video mentioned below

Yes, it’s Star Wars Day today: the 4th of May!

That’s because of the epic quote, “May the Force be with you,” in case you didn’t know. Nerdy, really nerdy…

Anyway, here are some older but funny videos of Tenyo tricks adapted with Star Wars toya, produced by two notoriously creative YouTube magicians, japanmagic and Magic Patagonia. Enjoy!

And here’s a dramatic Lego Star Wars fanboy presentation for parlor and stage that I have just found, and it also made me smile:

Sharing you must, young Jedi!

Questionable Bonus: The Duck of Death Star

I hesitate to admit it, but lightyears ago I had a rather off-beat Star Wars-themed Card Duck routine, the duck representing an early, less lethal version of the Death Star (but she looked a bit malign). So the rebels had to feed the duck some kind of (drawn and signed) food bomb. By the power of THE FORCE, the duck actually picked the bomb when she was supposed to take on provision from a cargo spaceship… and then she blew up through gastrospasms (figuratively, as I was on a budget). Lord Vader, stroking his pet rubber duck, had a bad day and breathed heavily… Mission completed!

(Play soundtrack here and fade out…)



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