Is this an Optical Illusion?

I could use some help here, my dear fellow majishuns:

To me, the two pictures below are pure 3D. When I look at them, they give me a three-dimensional effect, without putting on any fancy glasses or else. In the top picture the lines just seem to jump from the floor towards me. In the bottom picture both the iron wheel and the cabins look clearly layered to me and are separated from the blue background. The 3D illusion disappears when I close one eye.

I have already sent these pictures to a few people, but they didn’t seem to see them the way I do.

So is it just me?

And if so, any diagnosis what’s wrong (or different) with my visual perception?




Look at me, Roy!

Schweben im Magnetfeld

17.09.2009 David Copperfield wird sich wohl bis zur Bühnenreife der Technik noch etwas gedulden müssen – aber immerhin ist es Wissenschaftlern gelungen, eine zehn Gramm schwere junge Maus in einem Magnetfeld schweben zu lassen: