Favorite Posts of 2019


Phew, 2019 turned out quite busy for me and our little magic blog here! Overall, after restarting in February, we published about 175 new posts and gained some 8,500+ views from 84 different countries from all five inhabitated continents. By far the most views came, not surprisingly, from the U.S. and Germany. Thank you all!


These may actually not all be my best or most relevant texts, but here are my Top 5 posts of the past year, according to your direct clicks:

  1. My interview with Fool Us consultant Michael Close turned out a lonely number one with four-digit views. A big thank you again to Michael for duly answering my many, many questions!
  2. “Alles was man man sammeln kann” translates as “Anything you could collect”, which seems to be a rather popular German Google search, so year after year a lot of unsuspecting people are being directed to my little magic collector’s post…
  3. “A Word on Regal” and the accompanying interview with David Regal also made quite an impact on many readers, which made me happy, as I am a legal Regal fan!
  4. To my own surprise, my personal report from the great EMHC 2019 in Vienna found an unexpected amount of interest in the magic community. Maybe it had helped that my post was online only two days after the convention (thanks to a long train ride back from Vienna)?!
  5. Closely following up on each other were more interviews with Boretti (inventor of the “Feel Box”), the inimitable Pit Hartling, and German “Fool Us” winner Harry Keaton (all in German, but you know Google translation, don’t you?!). Thank you to these gentlemen and all other – and coming – interviewees, too!

Honorable mention go to my older pieces on Magic’s Plastic Religion, Tenyoism, on “What Makes a Great Magician and Creates Greater Magic?” and on “An Alternative History of Sponge Ball Magic”.

Thank you for your interest, your word of mouth and your comments! Please keep stopping by in 2020. Besides frequent news, I think I have some more fun and worthwhile posts both in English and German in store for you!


For a brief review of The Year 2019 in Magic through the U.S./Genii Magazine lens, please refer to this fine annual text by Dustin Stinett!



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