Happy New Year! / Frohes Neues Jahr!

Dear readers,

have a joyful and magical New Year!

Make your personal magic happen in 2020–create, preserve and share!

And please keep stopping by from time to time, I deeply appreciate your kind interest.


Liebe Leser,

Euch allen ein frohes und zauberhaftes Neues Jahr!

Lasst Eure kühnsten Zauberträume 2020 wahr werden – erschafft, erhaltet und teilt!

Und schaut gerne mal wieder vorbei, ich schätze Euer freundliches Interesse sehr.




If you also have somewhat mixed feelings about the decade which lies ahead, you may enjoy “Happy New Year” from ABBA, a fine piece, which is melodic, harmonic, melancholic and thoughtful at the same time (and already 40 years old, damn it!):


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