A Long Lost Hofzinser Portrait

I have received questions on the long lost Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser portrait which had been lost over time and which miraculously resurfaced only weeks ago. Until very recently, it had been hanging in a private home in Gmunden for the last 100 years!

The portrait was painted in 1846 by Johann Matthäus Aigner, a well-known portraitist in his time, famous for his delicate style, and displayed for the first time in an art exhibition the following year. Hofzinser was proud to have it on display in his parlor where he held his famous magic soirees.

This great colorful reproduction comes from the full program of the 8th European Magic History Conference 2019 in Vienna, which you can download here. It includes some more information by Hofzinser expert and collector Magic Christian, who also hosted the recent EMHC.

Hofzinser Portrait Aigner

Here you can see Magic Christian, the enthusiastic new owner of the huge painting, proudly revealing it in the opening session of the conference. It was offered to him by a woman who had inherited it, just a few weeks before the EMHC. How very fitting!


You can read my full personal report from the 8th European Magic History Conference 2019 and see some more photos here.


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