Congrats on 1,000 Episodes of MagicWeek!


Huge congrats to magic fellow Duncan Trillo from the UK for completing the first 1,000 episodes of his MagicWeek news service, which is published (you guessed it) every Saturday. What a monster job, week after week since 1st July 2000!

Even though the news are heavily UK-oriented, I stop by often and usually find an interesting link or two to pursue. If you haven’t tried it yet, I do recommend you check out the site. But if you already are an avid reader, why don’t you give Duncan a shout on this occasion and send him a note of appreciation for his constant, tireless support?!

I’m afraid we tend to take these things for granted too easily (in magic as well as elsewhere in life). And if you are not familiar with editorial work under the pressure of daily, weekly or monthly deadlines (which most people aren’t; I am), it’s easy to misjudge the huge and time-consuming effort behind digging up, checking, compiling and editing “a couple of online news bits” here or “just some magazine articles” there.

Actually, I think I should put together a list of my personal “Magic Heroes of the Internet” soon. Duncan Trillo will certainly be on it. Please keep up the great work!


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