1,800+ Pages of Killer Magic? Where???


I know a man who most likely knows more about magic than all regular readers of this blog together. Who has arguably created, adapted or refined and published more magic tricks than Jay Sankey and David Regal together, in equal quality (which is no mean feat). A man who obviously lives, thinks, and breathes magic in every minute of his life, no matter whether he is performing, teaching, creating, tinkering at his kitchen table, or writing.

Alexander de Cova‘s magnificent German BURNERS project is nearing completion with the publication of its sixth volume within just a few years. Yep, that’s already a total of 1,800+ pages of great, innovative, easy, practical, well thought-out magic, spanning 30+ years and almost all genres of magic plus loads of tips and practical advice. And there may still be a lot more to come.

The first volumes have garnered a lot of appraisal among German-speaking magicians. They have also brought Alexander for the second time the prestigious “Writer of the Year Award” which is granted by the Magic Circle of Germany (MZvD).

Besides, he has conceived and handled two lecture tours, has produced and put out a number of new tricks and has published “work books” on misdirection, the thumb-tip and his famous clothes-peg switch (all in German). Plus, there is a great blog which Alexander occasionally writes in English, German and Spanish (!).

If you are not familiar with any of Alexander’s work yet, you will find some of his English publications over at Lybrary. But the Big Book of de Cova’s Masterful Magic in English has yet to be published. Fortunately, he has recently announced a first volume of his magic in English under the title Notas (Spanish for “notes”).

Plus, Alexander has just started his own bi-monthly series of tricks in “Genii Magazine” (April 2018 issue, featuring his excellent “Forte-X” multiple prediction card routine), this time under the title “Notizen” (German for “notes”).

Check out Alexander’s work! There’s is a lot to learn from one of the most knowledgeable, most creative and most skilled magicians of his generation.



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