A Word on Scherer

Christian Scherer is a well-known performer, card expert and prolific author from Switzerland. Among his many credits are also translations of the works of Henning Nelms and S.W. Erdnase into German. His most recent contribution is Magicians in Action 1980-2015, a huge three-volume documentary containing photos plus autobiographical and anecdotal texts (in English) of 250 magicians from 28 countries whom he has photographed on stage over the last decades.

A while ago, Scherer published a big book of his original magic in German, titled Schlaglichter (“Bright Lights”). What I particularly like about it: It is accompanied by a website that features performance videos of all routines for close-up, parlor, and stage featured in the book (almost 30 in total). What a great way to experience the look and feel of the tricks and to judge your personal mileage from of the book! I only wished more authors would go this extra mile!

Here’s one example I particularly liked, an innovative ball routine well suited for the Golf & Country Club performer. I am sure you will be able to enjoy it, too, even if you don’t happen to speak German. (Be premonished, though, that it will take more than two minutes before the magic actually starts, reflecting the unhurried, low-key style of the performer and probably celebrating the proverbial slowness of the amiable folks of Switzerland.)

Scherer Minigolf
Screenshot from the website mentioned above

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