Upcoming: The Secret History of Magic

There is a great deal of great literature out there, old and new, about the history of our art. Some names that come to mind immediately are Sidney W. Clarke, Dr. Kurt Volkmann, Milbourne Christopher, Dr. John Booth, Edwin A. Dawes, David Price, Ricky Jay, William V. Rauscher, David Charvet, Mike Caveney, and many others.

Over the last decades, however, probably nobody elso has added more significant chapters on magic’s rich history, especially from the golden era of the 20th century, than Jim Steinmeyer.

Recently he has teamed up with Peter Lamont, another scholarly and witty author of oeuvres like The Indian Rope Trick. Together, they have apparently undertaken the task of writing a comprehensive history of magic. The Secret History of Magic: The True Story of the Deceptive Art has recently been announced on Amazon for publication in mid-July 2018.

What to expect:

Two renowned historians of stage magic team up to produce this definitive, engaging history of stage magic, from Ancient Egypt to David Copperfield. Fifty glorious illustrations throughout.

368 pages, ready for pre-order. There will also be a Kindle edition.

My order is in. Looking forward to this tome!

Steinmeyer Lamont Magic History


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