Tricks & Ideas (10): Ambitious Sven

Following a recent thread on the Genii Forum on the versatility of the Svengali Deck and possible combinations with an Ambitious Card routine, I came up with this little piece:

1. Start performing your ACR with the generous help of “the Sven” (forcing the card, having the spectator cut or count to his own card etc.).
2. Finally, turn all cards of the deck into copies of the ambitious card.
3. Transform half of the deck back into regular cards.
4. Put the “all alikes” half aside, but have one signed by a spectator. (Regular size may help. Of that card, not of the spectator.)
5. Continue and close your Ambitious Card routine with the regular half deck. Obviously, your finale should be even better than step 2.!

Just a thought.

More tricks & ideas can be found here on this site.

Addendum: For lots of advice on the moves, ruses and subtleties of “the Sven,” check these sources:

  • Lybrary has a whole bunch of titles available, starting at a mere $2.00
  • Daryl’s “Svengali Deck” DVD from the Essentials in Magic series
  • Master pitchman Mark Lewis’s booklet, The Long and Short of It


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