Update: Magic in Art & Art in Magic

Over the last weeks I have added numerous links and information in the ART section of this blog. So if you are interested in any of the following names and their link to pieces of magic art, click here.

These artists are mentioned as of now:
Ian Baker, Zakary Belamy, Derren Brown, Thomas Cameron, Chan Canasta, Dean Alan Carnegie, Daryl, Annabel de Vetten, Fabrini, Henry Hay, Alan Howard, Volker Huber, Glenn Kaino, Ken Knowlton, Pierre Mayer, Pablo Morante, Bob Read, Chuck Romano, Juan Luis Rubiales, Hanjo Schnug, Joan Vizcarra, Kurt Volkmann, Wittus Witt, Kreg Yingst.

And these magicians are featured – among others – within the artworks:
Olof Becher-Marvelli, Blackstone, Derren Brown, Eugene Burger, Cardini, Tommy Cooper, Roberto Giobbi, Harry Houdini, Ricky Jay, Jeff McBride, Channing Pollock, Juan Tamariz, Dai Vernon, Roy Walton.


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