A Word on Sankey on Twitter

OK, if I were more active on Twitter and if Twitter were more relevant to the world, I’d proclaim @jay_sankey week now, as some seeerious things need to be addressed about this creative and communicative guy who has almost as many tweets as followers under his belt (32K vs. 38K; having joined Twitter in July 2009, this comes down to roughly eleven tweets per day!) But to keep it short and easy for you, here’s one week worth of tweets about him in one go.


Monday: Following @jay_sankey on Twitter has allowed me to sell my watch. No more need to have one thanks to his hourly releases!


Tuesday: Apparently, @jay_sankey has embarked on his biggest career challenge so far: Can he really put out more tweets than tricks?


Wednesday: Wondering why @jay_sankey has more than 38K followers. Do they also want to find out whether he ever shuts up?


Thursday: Seems to me that @jay_sankey is celebrating his personal Halloween every day: Trick’n Tweet!


Friday: Rumour has it that thanks to @jay_sankey Twitter is considering a one tweet per person per day policy. But surely Jay could throw in some more from his warehouse for a great special deal!


Saturday: Unnoticed by the magic community, @jay_sankey has already put out his biggest project ever: The Great Randomizer For Automatically Recycled Tweets, G.R.A.N.D. F.A.R.T.


Sunday morning: Soon I will start my ultra ambitious #sankeython: I will try to perform all marketed effects by Jay Sankey in a row while on the road. Greater Magic is for pussies!


Sunday evening: My #sankeython will kick-off soon in Omnilope, Ontario. Finale expected around July 17th, 2017 in Stirring Silver, Nevada.


Love lots of your work though, Jay!

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