What’s in a Name? (2)


Full disclosure of last post’s list: We know or knew them as 1) Dai Vernon, 2) Roy Benson, 3) Cary Grant, 4) Sorcar, 5) Bruce Cervon, 6) Fred Kaps, 7) Salvano, 8) Rodolfo, 9) Tommy Wonder and 10) Criss Angel.


Sorry, but I also need to share some of the most ridiculous stage names ever used in magic: Cardini, Slydini, Throwdini, and almost any other -ini who came after Harry Houdini (an honorable mention though for Steve Martin as The Great Flydini!). In German, we had to bear creative outbursts such as Müllerano, Truk, and Pan Zero. Oh, and not to forget Blob the Magnificent.


Wondering why so many of magic’s greatest share so few first names? Hope my son Paul John David Michael Jay will do them justice one day!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: My next boy will probably go by the name Daryl Dani Darwin.


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